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Apply for membership using the “Register” Tab and follow the registration instructions.

Approximately 2 weeks, provided the application has been correctly completed and submitted.

Yes, because you must submit a copy of the publication with your application, or very soon after applying.

The only pre-requisite is that at least 1 publication has been issued.

Upon receipt of your application for membership? the ABC auditors will make contact with you to set up an appointment or communicate with you by correspondence to assess the auditability of your publication. Once this has been approved you will be granted Provisional Proprietor Membership until your initial audited certificate is due. After we receive your initial audited certificate, we will table at the ABC Board meeting for final approval, after which you will be notified that you are a full member of the ABC and are permitted to make use of the logo in your publication and your marketing material.

You only have to have published 1 issue before applying.

Being an ABC member provides you with independently audited, accurate, consistent and regular circulation data; gives credibility to the circulation data; provides content that aids the advertiser in media planning and buying decisions; Aids the publisher in selling advertising.

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