ABC Announces Audited Circulation Figures for Third Quarter 2023.

The ABC is pleased to release its audited circulation figures for the period spanning July 2023 to September 2023 on Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

In the context of the current media landscape, the ABC is cautiously optimistic about the performance observed in Quarter 3. Notably, the circulation figures present a more stabilized outlook compared to previous quarter releases, bringing positive developments for various categories that experienced either marginal declines or, in some instances, increases.

Within the newspaper sector, stability prevails, with a modest decrease of -1.1% compared to Q2, resulting in a combined circulation of 6,315,145. Of this category, free newspapers constitute 85%. It is noteworthy that daily newspapers experienced a -5% decline in the composition of single-copy sales, while the composition of subscription sales increased by 2%. Weekly newspapers, conversely, saw a 7% rise in the composition of single-copy sales, though subscriptions declined by -1%. Weekend newspaper circulation, however, witnessed a -3% decrease.

Magazines, in general, demonstrated resilience with an overall decline of -2%. Consumer magazines, exhibiting a positive trend, increased by 1.28%, attributed to a 4% rise in free copies. Business-to-business magazines faced a -2% decrease. Subscriptions in this segment, however, grew by 1%.The Custom Magazines category remained stable, reflecting a minor loss of -1.1%, while maintaining consistent trends across all distribution channels.

Unfortunately, ABC membership experienced a slight decline from 412 to 403 in total. Notably, newspaper members decreased by 6, and magazine members declined by 3.
In light of these figures, the ABC is pleased to report a quarter marked by stability, demonstrating commendable resilience in the face of challenging media trading conditions. These results underscore the industry’s adaptability and determination in navigating the evolving media landscape.

ABC Press-release 21November2023

André van Tonder

President: ABC South Africa

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